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How My Clients Are Able To Attract Dream Clients That See The Value In What They Do, Positions Their Expertise &  3x Their Revenue Within 90 Days.
Grab my sales funnel guidebook to learn everything from "what is a sales funnel" to how to create a sales funnel for your business...
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“I’m just a girl from the block that decided to beat the odds.”
Hey, there. I’m Kim McCarter and I help online entrepreneurs put the systems in place that helps their dream clients see the value in what they do, positions them as an expert, and sells their offers every single day of the month… and because of that I have been nicknamed the Funnel Trap Queen.

I get a rush every time I help an entrepreneur fully embrace who they are and leverage their unique strengths. Helping business owners feel confident about making an income through serving the world with their skills is why I show up everyday! My promise to you… this is not some rah-rah, sugar-coated, watered down guidebook. I’ve given you access to a proven sales funnel strategy that has helped my clients triple their revenue in less than 90 days.